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Clear the Fog this Cataract Awareness Month with An-Noor

June is here and so is the Cataract Awareness Month.

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness or vision loss in the world. According to World Health Organization, Cataract is responsible for 51 percent of the world’s blindness. June has been internationally declared as Cataract Awareness Month and An-Noor hospital uses this opportunity to educate the public on risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

What is a Cataract?

In simple words, Cataract means clouding of the eye lens. It occurs when the lens of our eye clouds up from natural proteins that build up over time. The lens is the clear part of our eye that is responsible for the focus of light or an image on the retina. The retina is a light sensitive tissue present at the back of the eye. Cloudy lenses don’t allow enough light to pass through our eyes, thus making the vision blur. Hence, a clear lens is essential for the retina to receive a clear image.


In reality, Cataract is very simple to treat, despite the fact that they are so prevalent. Cataract surgery in Chennai involves a surgeon who removes the damaged lens and replace it with a new and artificial lens called “intraocular lenses” or IOL.

Is cataract removal safe?

The whole process of Cataract surgery involves nothing but simply the removal of the clouded lens and replacement of it with an intraocular lens. A miniscule incision in the cornea is necessary to do this and doesn’t take too much time. We can say in today’s date, Cataract is one of the safest and most effective surgeries with a success rate of 95 percent.

Can Cataract be prevented?

Cataracts can affect anyone at any age, although the majority of the people do not show any symptoms of cataracts until they reach at least the age of 40. There are also several cases where we see cataract affecting young adults or even children. Other factors such as Heredity, Disease, Eye injury and Smoking etc., also leads to cataract development at an earlier age.

There is no proven way to prevent age-related cataracts till date. However, we can choose a healthy lifestyle in order to slow down the progression and development of cataract. Some of the ways through which we can easily delay the progression of cataracts include:-

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Periamet, Chennai

Ph: 044-42027213

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