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6 common problems that people face with Cataract

The human eye is one of the most amazing organs in the human body; because you can get to see things, get to distinguish many colours and shapes even in the dimmest light. But things go awry once this organ malfunctions. One of the common eye malfunctions that commonly occurs is cataract which is very common among the elderly.

Imagine yourself being out in the open when the surrounding lights are too bright and glaring for your eyes to bear whilst the colours are not as bright as it must be. This is what they face each day and it may just be an early symptom of cataracts which if left untreated can get worse, leading to a tragic loss of vision and function of the eyes.

What is a Cataract? What causes it?

A cataract refers to the clouding of the eye lens leading to blurry or no vision. In the beginning, the size of the clouding may be small and may have little effect on vision. However, if left untreated, it may lead the clouded area to grow larger with significantly decreased visibility. Especially if not treated, many patients may eventually face a tragic outcome of partial or total blindness. In most cases, cataracts can begin at the age of 40 and get worse with age. Only Cataract Eye Surgery in Chennai can help them. However, there are cases where a baby is born with a cataract and without proper treatment can fall to blindness at a young age.

The exact cause of cataract formation is still unknown to date but as per researchers worldwide, there are plenty of factors that play a vital role leading to illness and one of the most common factors is ageing. Other factors include diabetes, unhealthy eating habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, exposure to UV rays, genetics etc.

A cataract may not be fatal but it is detrimental to eyesight. Here are some of them

#1: Blurry Vision

One of the most common problems faced by cataract patients are those which are caused by images failing to land on the retina. It can be overcome by using glasses, but it can continue to worsen over time.

#2: Poor Night Vision

When a patient’s eyes get exposed to light in a dark environment, it can be too glaring for the eyes. This can be due to the diffraction that is caused by clouding and it causes a halo to appear around the light sources. Any glaring light can impede one’s vision to see clearly. It causes one to have a bad vision, causes routine activities to get difficult and can be potentially dangerous etc.

#3: Things can appear to be yellowish

A yellowish tinge may appear due to clumps of protein. It is not regular in appearance at the beginning but when left untreated, it reduces the ability to distinguish colours.

#4: Having double Vision

Due to clouding, diffraction may cause a single object to appear in a single eye or both the eyes. This is also called as diplopia and it can mean there is a pain when you move your eyes.

#5: Headaches

Diffractions can cause difficulties for the eyes to receive light and images. This will result in pressure and tension in the eyes which can lead to headaches. Eventually, this becomes a common issue that every cataract patient faces.

#6: Frequent change in optical power

This is one of the most common and as power always varies, you need to change spectacles frequently which can be an intricate situation for those who need glasses. Not to mention the additional costs that can be incurred for the lenses to be changed.

Eyesight is one of the greatest blessings, and losing one to cataract could be devastating and traumatic to its sufferers. Fortunately, it is curable at An-Noor Hospitals which is one of the best Cataract Surgery Hospital in Chennai. Our panel of ophthalmologists will suggest you aids to improve vision. There are many surgical options too that can be considered if the visual aids fail.

If you are looking for hospitals for Cataract Eye Surgery, An-Noor is the name to reckon.

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